About Me

Integrated Producer

I’m a seasoned and resourceful producer focused on fostering great creative work with a decade in the industry successfully managing complex projects combining live-action, design/animation, editorial, CGI, VFX and finishing/online for advertising, broadcast, digital and interactive spaces.

The hats I wear as producer include recruiter, negotiator, manager, diplomat, strategist and accountant, but my effectiveness is ultimately rooted in my passion for the process of innovative storytelling and design, while my proven track record of delivering on-schedule and under budget reflects my thoroughness and commitment to collaborative problem-solving. In the ever-evolving landscape of media production I have the requisite diversity of experience to provide pro-active, successful strategies for execution, to manage diverse teams, and to effectively communicate with all stakeholders in order to keep an often fast-moving train on the tracks.

I offer calm leadership, superb organization and strong client-facing skills that balance advocacy for the creative with mindfulness of the client perspective while protecting the bottom line. Throughout my advertising career I have continuously labored in the dark arts of bidding, budgeting, scheduling, pitching, team building, contract negotiations, successfully managing multiple projects with crazy turnarounds and tight budgets. Good work emerges from a positive environment and as such I strive to maintain an atmosphere in which even when the pressure is on we can still have fun.

When I’m not making the world safe for brand activations I enjoy kayaking, working through new cookbooks and traveling with my wife.  You can see me here in my element at one of my faves, Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, TX.  I recommend ordering two of the Trashy Trailer Parks if you should find yourself there…