Online + Social Media Campaign

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: Post Producer

I was the post-producer on this stylish Mograph jam for Adidas.

For a campaign whose theme was “Nothing Sacred”, the brief from agency Johannes Leonardo was to “remix” an iconic image integral to the Adidas brand: a 1993 picture of Kate Moss in a pair of Gazelles taken by fashion photographer Denzil McNeelance.   As conceived by agency creative directors Wes Phelan and Matt Edwards, the image was first handed to Instagram ‘provocateur’ BessNYC to create a “base” image – an initial “cut and paste” re-imagining of the photo that we would then continue to remix.


From there the image was handed to our art director Michael Burk who created dozens of further layouts:

After the agency narrowed down to a handful of selects the final designs served as the underpinning for a live action shoot with body doubles portraying Kate Moss and screen-printed versions of the designs built as backdrops.   The footage and the layered Photoshop files were then passed on to an After Effects designer at our partner design firm Nightshift in Paris who then, working with director Maxime Bruneel, animated the designs to a music track crafted by Q Department in New York.

Whoa. Johannes Leonard asked us to create a case-study of the whole crazy thing and we did and here it is:


Title “Gazelle” (:30)
Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company 1st Avenue Machine
Director Maxime Bruneel
Agency Johannes Leonardo
Client Adidas
Executive Producer Lisanne McDonald
Art Director Michael Burk
Line Producer Stine Moisen
Motion Design/Lead AE Artist Damien Martin
Motion Designer Almir Nago
Color Grade Mathieu Capianne
Music/Sound Design Q Department
Motion GFX Interns Julian Ju, Rhea Manglapus