Brand Promotion Videos

Client: Hush Studios
Services: Line Producer + Post Producer | Shoot | Editorial | Finishing

Working with the folks at Hush Studios I acted as both line producer and post-producer

on this brand piece, managing it from inception through delivery.  The brief on this one was to provide a series of videos promoting the launch of Aerin Lauder’s new Home Furnishings line for her lifestyle brand with a two-minute video demonstrating for an audience how Aerin’s personal vision of “la bella vita” manifests itself through the products of her brand, as well as four (:30) cutdowns focusing more specifically on the core product lines (below is the :30 “Lighting” cutdown).

I was fortunate to be partnered with director Charlie Wan and DP Luca Fantini as we worked together on several shoots over the course of three months beginning at the High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina and then at the AERIN offices in New York.  Below are a couple of candids from our travels.


Titles “Aerin Brand Videos”
Line Producer + Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Agency + Production Company Hush Studios
Director Charlie Wan
Client AERIN
Director of Photography Luca Fantini
Editor Duc Nguyen
Director of Production Gabe Banner