Broadcast TV Spots

Client: Psyop
Services: VFX and Post Producer | Editorial + VFX + Finishing

This was a complex and challenging project I produced for Psyop

that came together thanks in large part to the dedication and determination of many folks on both the live action and post-production sides. Special kudos go out to line producer Anton Maillie for managing to get some great footage out of a two-day, all animal shoot (!) and to the compositing team who managed to work some minor miracles on a tight deadline.

The workflow was by and large 2D mouth replacement with some modest 3D tracking, each shot presenting its own challenges based on the footage available for each animal and to what degree the animal trainers on set were able to coax the animals to move their mouths. As an example here is one particularly challenging shot demonstrating the original footage and then the composited final:


VFX PRODUCER: Barry Gilbert

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