Appy Fizz

Broadcast TV Spots

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: Post Producer | CGI + Design

Parle Agro wanted to take the playful attitude of the Appy Fizz brand to the next level 

and enlisted director Morgan Harary to engineer a surreal journey for Indian mega-star Salman Khan. Appy Fizz for those who are unfamiliar with it is an Indian soft drink known as “the champagne of fruit drinks”, and is a carbonated apple beverage. Working from their tagline “Feel the Fizz” Art Director Michael Glen developed a visual theme to manifest bubbles in a kaleidoscope of 3D patterns.  You’ll note that the spot is in Hindi, which was an interesting challenge for editor Erik van der Wilden – but we were fortunate to have a visit from the copywriter who happened to be in New York and spent an afternoon working with us on the nuances of Salman’s performance.

I’ve included below some comparison frames showing how the initial storyboard ended up in the final, as well as Parle Agro’s behind the scenes of the shoot video, and a photo of the Appy Fizz post team, celebrating Michael Glen’s completion of his application for American citizenship with ice cold Budweisers.  We tried to get our hands on some Appy Fizz but decided beer would have to do!

Storyboard-Final comparison1
Storyboard-Final comparison2
Storyboard-Final comparison3


Title “Feel the Fizz”
Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company 1st Avenue Machine
Executive Producer Lisanne McDonald
Director Morgan Harary
Agency Sagmeister + Walsh
Client Parle Agro
Line Producer David Marks
Editor Erik van der Wilden
Art Director + Lead Designer Michael Glen
CG Lead Dan Fine
CG Artists Jay Harwood, Jeff Chavez
Additional Design Mauricio Leon
Compositors Rachel Harwood, Michael Glen