Assassin’s Creed

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Client: MPC
Services: Post Producer | CGI

I was the producer on this mysterious CGI journey through Ancient Egypt spot for MPC

Helmed by director Rob Petrie this ambitious project required several months of intensive work involving MPC’s offices across the globe, led by the New York office where I oversaw the production and pipeline. The project was in service of the launch of the latest iteration of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which would focus on the origin of the Assassin (apparently he’s Egyptian) and the brief from DDB Paris was to create a moody and beautiful evocation of a world gradually disintegrating into an enormous sandstorm. Below are selected frames of the initial concept art created by Roger Hom.


Among the greatest challenges of this ambitious project was developing and executing the sand effect in which a variety of objects of different sizes, compositions and scales, needed to convincingly crumble and dissipate into sand, which was developed and executed by a team of Houdini artists in Bangalore and New York.  We utilized a model of the human heart dissolving as the key shot for progression, and some of the development stages are below.

HEART_ref_frames_v02-From Vadim
Assassin's Creed Origins - From Sand
Assassin's Creed Origins - From Sand-1


Title “Assassin’s Creed Origins Promo” (:90)
CGI + Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Producer (Bangalore)
Production Company MPC
Director Rob Petrie
Executive Producer Nick Haynes
Agency DDB Paris + Eddy
Client Ubisoft
CGI Supervisors (NY) Vadim Turchin + Vicky Osborne
CGI Supervisor (Bangalore) Nishanth Srinivasa
Previz James Vidal, Jemmy Molero,
CG Animation Graeme Revell
Editor John Shafto
CGI Modeling (NY) Alek Vacura, Jemmy Molero, Anthony Gordon
CGI Model + Texture (Bangalore) Kunal Sarkar, Sourodeep Dey, Baskaran S, Gopika Priya, Jyothi Prakash Panda, Manjunath Ramakrishnaiah, Ajai V John, Anbarasu E, Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Craig Savio Padua, Deepali Negi, Debalina Das Gupta, Subbaiah Addanki, Gowri Shankar Velusamy D, Bakiyaraj P, Radhakrishna Rethinasamy, Sachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar
CGI Rigging Lee Wolland, Wesley Schneider
CGI Lighting Chris Bernier, Vadim Turchin, Ash Yee
Houdini Artists Pramod Lakshmanan Jayaprakash,Parineeta Jaiswal, Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Jamie Gernan
Lead Compositors Tobey Lindback, Aaron Baker
Addt’l Compositors Renato Carone, Ruairi Twohig, Leslie Chung, Tamir Sapir, Karen Weiss, Mazyar Sharifian
Color Grade James Tlllet @ MPC