Broadcast TV spot

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: VFX + Post Producer

I was VFX/post producer on this handsome spot directed by Alessandro Pacciani for Filmmaster out of Milan, Italy

VFX work encompssed matte painting, background replacement, composites (the spider web and mountain scenery for the car jump), snow augmentation and lots of meat and potato clean-up, smoke trails, beauty work etc.

I had the pleasure of working directly with Alessandro, who is also an accomplished 3D animator which made translating the director’s vision a lot simpler than is often the case.  The above is his director’s cut. While Italian, Alessandro is based out of Tokyo and was visiting New York for the first time and we all enjoyed hearing his field reports on different neighborhoods he visited.  MPC New York was kind enough to join the party (even with a highly challenged budget) and thanks to Executive Producer Adina Birnbaum for helping to take the visuals on the spot to the next level.


Title “Panda” (:60)
VFX + Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company 1st Avenue Machine
Client Fiat
Director Alessandro Pacciani 
Agency Filmmaster
Line Producer Valentina Bellanza 
Lead Compositor Preston Brown
Color Grade James Tillet @ MPC