TV Commercials & Social Media Campaign

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: Editorial, VFX, Compositing

Google Hardware needed to make an impact with their latest Pixel release

So they sought out Executive Creative Director Aaron Duffy at Special Guest, in part due to his earlier impressive work for Apple.  This was a challenging project as the budget only allowed for a one-day shoot which required a significant amount of post work in order to achieve the seamless, choreographed feel of the spot, but I was fortunate to have a tremendous team bringing their A-game.


Title “Bonito” (:45)
VFX + Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Agency + Production Company Special Guest
Executive Producer Lisanne McDonald
Directors Aaron Duffy & Lake Buckley
Client Google Hardware
Line Producer Jason Taragan
VFX Supervisor John Loughlin
Previz Artists Cary Janks, George Smaragdis
Editor Colin Loughlin
Assistant Editor Matt Cornelius
2D Animation Eric Miro
Lead Compositors Gerard Andal, Kyle Andal
Compositors Carl Mok, Michael Glen, Markus Wood, Eric Miro, Djeison Canuto
Flame Artists Jamie Scott, Bryan Rosenblum, Matt Monson
CG Lighting Laura Sayan
Color Grade Jamie O’Bradovich @ Company 3
Audio Mix Heard Audio