Google brings a global launch to re-envisioning education.

Client: Special Guest
Services: Post Producer | Editorial | Design +Animation

I post-produced this promotional brand video for one of Google’s newest ventures, Google Classroom

blending live-action footage shot in the US, UK and India with charming animations provided by Animal, which is based in Barcelona and led by the talented Martin Allais.  I supervised edit, animation, music composition, VFX clean-up and finishing.

The version shown above is the agency version, as the higher-ups at Google decided for their own very special Google reasons that the animation wasn’t sufficiently “on-brand” and instead decided to use a footage-only version which retains the sentiment but much less of the unique charm.  Below are some initial character sketches which didn’t make it into the final version but are further example of Martin’s work – you can check it out in full at his website.


VFX PRODUCER: Barry Gilbert