Broadcast TV spot

Client: MPC
Services: Visual Effects Producer

I was the VFX and post producer on this Flame-driven spot whose underlying message is “keep it together, man”

A sequel of sorts to the “Freakchain” spot that Mountain Dew and MPC had executed the year before, this was an intensely scheduled project that relied heavily on the artistry and direction of Flame artist Phil Akka to massage a kaleidoscope of roto’d footage together into a seamless dance. The technical approach relied on intensive on set puppeteering, and the 3D printing of a cast of the actor’s head from a digital scan. After each shot was puppeteered, the actor would then perform a series of facial expressions from which to choose from in edit, which we later mapped onto the 1:1 sized puppet head. Easy! Lots of clean up, roto and compositing ensued courtesy of the MPC Banaglore office, followed by many late nights of compositing and orders from Mooncake Foods.


Title “Body Party” (:30)
VFX + Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company MPC
Director Ulf Johansson
Agency BBDO
Client Mountain Dew
Executive Producer Nick Haynes
VFX Supervisor Dan Lorenzini
VFX CD / Lead Compositor Philip Akka
Additional Comp Bilali Mack, Jeen Lee, Nicolas Vigneau
Color Grade Jean Clement Soret @ MPC