Broadcast TV Spots

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: Supervising Producer | CGI

The core messaging of this campaign was Speed –

to make clear to the consumer that Spectrum offers the best speed in the broadband category.  We teamed with Crow Creative to develop an all CGI evocation of the new high-speed download offer Spectrum was ready to release.  Working hand in hand with our partner production company Tronco in Argentina I supervised production, navigating through a variety of change requests  successfully meet a tight delivery deadline.

Below are some frames from the initial design explore showing how the geometry and textures were developed.

1stAve Spectrum Presentation 10.23.2017-14 (dragged)
1stAve Spectrum Presentation 10.23.2017-19 (dragged)
1stAve Spectrum Presentation 10.23.2017-20 (dragged)


Title “DRTV” (:60) + “Anthem” (:30)
Supervising Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company 1st Avenue Machine
Agency Crow Creative
CG Production Tronco
Director Tomi Dieguez + Mechi Lopez
Creative Directors Sebastian Sanz + Hernan Aragunde
Executive Producer (1st Avenue) Lisanne McDonald
Executive Producer (Tronco) Leticia Cristoph
Client Spectrum
Art Director Michael Glen
CG Line Producer Fer Soma
CG Lead Ale Turano