Broadcast TV spot

Client: 1st Avenue Machine
Services: Post Producer

I was the post producer for this contribution to the ongoing wireless provider wars.

The project had a lightning fast turnaround,  12 days from start of pre-production to ship, and kudos to the production art department for building some great looking sets practically overnight – you can see them workin’ it with director Tim Brown in the snapshot from set below.

Post production included lot of compositing, roto/keying and cleanup, plus a very intense Finish as the Big Wigs at Verizon brought a microscope to bear on messaging – there were some very late nights at the end.  Kudos to Smoke artist Inti Martinez for keeping his cool in a last minute working session with both the CMO of Verizon and the President of McCann looking over his shoulder while a VO artist in the room next door versioned ongoing script changes on the fly!


VFX PRODUCER: Barry Gilbert