Social Media Campaign

Client: Special Guest
Services: Agency Producer + Post Producer

I served a dual role as both agency producer and post-producer for Special Guest

on this direct-to-client editorial project.  An anthemic promo for the launch of YouTube’s new Spaces, where Youtube “Creators” can use high-end production equipment to add a little gloss to their cat videos at no cost, we worked closely with YouTube to find the best footage to showcase their new facilities and the up-and-comers they hope to attract.


Title You Tube Spaces Launch Video
Client YouTube
Post Producer Barry Gilbert
Production Company 1st Avenue Machine 
Animation Production Special Guest
Creative Director Jonathan Emmerling 
Art Director Jesse Packer
Editor John McSwain
Design/Animation Curt Sauei
Music Supervisor Brienne Rose @ Noiseracket
Executive Producer Garrett Braren